Agricola Inca Gold


5.6  Agrícola Inca Gold  Ltda. Olmué,  Region 5 Valparaiso

2 ha. 2 and  1.000 (two farms)

Organic in transition

crops: Cuke-asaurus, melomate,  avocados, many others crops.

phone:             mobile        fax:    e-mail:     web:

another languajes e speak  English, French, Portuguese

all year                             kids: no

There  are two  farms, one  with organic avocados in Olmué city, and  another  1000  has.  farm in  Colliguay, it has  a lot  of  herbs, organic land  and  many other  crops, those ones  were in extinction process.  Lodging  is at a hostel  in Olmue city with many bedrooms and bathrooms, it has capacity for eight people. Usually all people eat lunch togheter, normal chilean meals  with a lot  of vegetables and chilean  fruits are eaten.  We are American citizens but the people who will receive wwoofers will be  chilean people. We love  Nature. On the farm  there are  many pets, there is also an  animal protection center. We only want to   receive wwoofers  who wish to have a strong communion with other people they have to love  animals and be available to help whenever is necessary. Arriving to   Olmué city  is possible ty taking  a bus from  Santiago (Estación Central Bus Station)  or from Viña del Mar. We need you to stay one month at least.

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