Rancho Pool


5.45 Rancho Pool. Valle Pitama,Casablanca, V Region Valparaiso

0,5 ha.

Organic non certified

crops:  raspberries, strawberries, apples, pears, lemon, oranges, plums, almonds, vegetables.

e-mail:                         mobile

months: September to February                    kids: no

another language we speak: English

Rancho Pool is situated just outside the town boundary of Casablanca. The property is a little bit over an acre and we are surrounded by native trees.   The room available to our guest (s) is one bedroom on the 2d floor, with two beds. There is also a full bathroom with hot water. We have WI-FI available thus you can connect to Internet anytime using your own device. Our daily meals are diverse. We are a married couple who love the Nature, animals and tennis. We are not farmers, but we are learning on organic properties every day. We have dogs living with us. One of us speaks basic English, but we both are willing to improve and learn the language because one of our three daughters lives in the USA.   Generally the job will be pruning trees, de-weeding, harvesting, cleaning and gardening in general. We do have our own method to build a compost pile.   To to get to Valparaíso from Santiago's airport, you will catch a bus heading to Pajaritos outside of the airport terminal. This will drop you off at the North side of Pajaritos" a bus/metro station on the outskirts of Santiago, cross to the South side of the Metro station to get to the Bus Platform. From here, take the bus to Valparaiso Route 68 West. On arrival or before arrival  call to the cell number provided to pick you up.  If you are in Valparaiso, the main bus terminal is at Av. Pedro Montt 283. Take the bus to Santiago Route 68 East and follows the same steps above. We prefer English speakers. We usually prefer male voluntaries willing to stay 1 or 2 weeks the most."""

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