Viña Santa Romina.

2.1 El Toconar a
2.1 Viña Santa Romina. Wilfredo C. Toconao,  ruta 23. Región 2 Antofagasta. 1 ha. Organic by intention. crops: vineyard and greenhouse, e-mail:      mobile-wsp:  all year, kids: no, //  It is a small plot in the oasis of Toconao, with about 6,000 vines that produce  wine, for which there is activity every day, such as soil management, preparing compost, pruning time, taking shoots, weeding, feeding a few sheep and take care of the vegetables. The volunteers are lodged in a hotel of our property. We expect help of 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, free weekends to visit the many attractive places in the area. We are 38 km away. of San Pedro de Atacama.


#3 Nailton Freitas 10-05-2017 21:23
Pasamos cinco semanas en Toconao. Ayudábamos al jefe en todo. Hicimos mucho junto a la familia. Me encantaba!
#2 Nailton Freitas 18-11-2016 18:16
Tuvimos problemas con el hijo del dueño. Al dueño nunca lo vimos. Prefrimos irnos. (Octubre 2016)
#1 Nailton Freitas 27-01-2016 01:31
Wonderful place, very good owner, nice life with the people at the farm. good work.

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