Agricola Raimapu

5.38 Agric. Raymapu (4)

5.38 Agricola Raimapu. Martin Diaz.  

La Ligua, Region 5 de Valparaiso

0,5 ha.

Organic by culture

crops: vegetables. Ecotourism.

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I  was a  fruit and flowers grower but the dry  got me to left it, and just now I am going  ahead  to Ecotourism.   I am building  eco cabins   and I want to return to agricultura in one acre farm with organic vegetables. I am in a no irrigation farmers coop.  My compromise in with Organic  and environment. I am finishing agronomy studies (2014) and to us the agricultura is a way of live more than business. I want to receive voluntaries  to share your ideas of my  way, in support webs,  promotion and production.  Lodging is in our  family house. To arrive, to take a public bus to La Ligua (north of  Santiago) and the farm is 5 km from bus terminal.

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