Jardin Botánico

5.25 Jardín Botánico “Paraíso Escalante”.   2012 

Quillota, Región 5 de Valparaiso

10 ha.

Organic no certified

crops: biodiversity, more than 1500 varieties, honey bees, fruit trees. Tourism.

email:    mobile:

all year less July and August

kids?: no

Another languages we speak: English, Portuguese

We are a family working together with Nature, peace, love and biodiversity. We traveled by the world, learning about different cultures and ecosystems. We are a  apiculture teacher, agronomist, an alfarera, pianist, botanicoista, singer and creator of spaces, a globetrotter, musician, earthbags and therapist, and a singer artist, designer of gardens, pottery, writer and poet. There are 4 houses in the place and one more under construction  (2015). There are beautiful places for camping and we have a habitable hexagon with kitchen and fire to wwoofers. We expect help in the garden, buildings, nature swimming pools and plants, and   some meetings also. We work from the heart and we provide a breakfast and a lunch or meal (so 2 meals per day), should be supplemented with what you want extra.


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