3.4 C.S. Chañaral

3.4  C. S. Chañaral. Giancarlo C.    2018

Chañaral, Region 3 Atacama

2 ha.

Organic by intention

restaurante with vegetable garden

e-mail:               phone:                         all year    

kids: yes

other languages ​​we speak: English and Italian

Chañaral is a coastal town in the south of Atacama desert. Our restaurant stands out for its quality and in 2018 we gained  medal. We hope the volunteers help us with the restaurant, from cleaning to cooking, promotion, public attention, etc. We also want to produce our own vegetables organically. Sharing organic production knowledge to us. The volunteers will have a piece with bed, bathroom, TV, excellent food. We are close to the best beaches of Chile and Pan de Azúcar National Park. Long-distance public bus go through Chañaral.

Located in: Region 3 Atacama

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