R.C.2  La Granja de Robinson Crusoe.

RC 1 Robinson Crusoe Island
R.C.2  La Granja de Robinson Crusoe. Isla Robinson Crusoe, Region 5  de Valparaiso 0,5 ha. Organic  non certified. crops: Permaculture, fruit trees, vegetables, greenhouse, garden. e-mail:                                                      mobile:  all year                                                           kids: no aonther language we speak: English Small farm in Robinson Crusoe island, with family house and add room to guests. We are a family of 4 more  dogs and cat. We have fruit trees, place to hens, 60 sq.m. greenhouse, ground to sowing and garden.  Automatic irrigation. Lodging to one people in comfortable room with private bath.   Meals  with  family.  Help hoped in fruit trees,  greenhouse, garden, hens,  cutting  wood.  The  aim  is to receive help  to produce foods to family and selling in town, an English native speaker with skills in ecological production and Permaculture.  We want to talk  English language into family to improve it.  The island offer a lot of things to know.  To arrive, we help with tickets by air are availables from Santiago or  by sea from  Valparaiso (upon availability). By the expensive cost to carry in, we hope  2 or 3 months stay minimun

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