Las Tres Marias

5.55 Las Tres Marias b
5.55   Las Tres Marías.   Mary Elizabeth and Diego Santa Cruz   2017        Colliguay, Quilpue, Region 5 de Valparaiso // 1 ha. Organic by culture e-mails:      mobiles/wsp:   (preferred, use these) crops: orchard, walnut and fruit trees, vegetables, medicinal herbs. kids: yes another languages we speak: French and English. We are a couple for at least forty years; a mixture between Chilean, American and Irish with an adult son. We have lived in Colliguay for 30 years, a small valley located to the west of the Coast Mountains. We are dedicated to 80 walnut trees, 40 different fruit trees, a small tuna crop, two small wild vineyards and medicinal herbs such as lavender, thyme, cedrón, sage, rosemary; nursery of native trees and plants, an incipient family garden, crafts, irrigation system, clearing and cleaning of trails, care of closures. Personally we are interested in the work of human development, community work and the conservation of natural resources. We are active participants of a community of peasant mountain families who are engaged in an incipient agriculture and a workshop of women spinners and loom weavers. Volunteers will be welcomed in our home, a modest adobe house, sharing all spaces. This makes them also participants in the tasks of our daily life. We got up early and picked up early, chords in daylight. The diet is mainly vegetarian, we drink water from slope and make our own bread. For the guests we have the basic amenities, an interesting library, a diverse natural environment and access to the different families and activities of the local community. We expect respect, reciprocity in trust, open mind and heart. No drugs are allowed and smoking is discouraged. The valley is isolated. There is a local bus that goes down to Villa Alemana-Quilpué (an hour and a half journey) in the morning every day from Monday to Saturday, making the way back in the afternoons. Week by the bus arrives until Valparaiso. On Sundays there is no public transport.


#1 guf10 13-01-2019 15:34
We spent almost a month with Liz and Diego in their wonderful farm. They are really nice people and we had lot of fun with them. We met the community of Colliguay; during the weekend we used to go for trekking and walking around the valley. They cook divinely and are wonderful open-minded people. We really recommend them, 100%. Davide, Brasil

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