Region 2 Antofagasta

Region 2 Antofagasta

2.1 El Toconar. Toconao, Region 2 Antofagasta

3 ha.           Organic no certified

crops: vineyards, vegetables, sheeps and hens.

e-mail: mobile: all year         kids: no

another languages we speak: Portuguese

We are a family of 5, more dog. We are located out of Toconao, in a oasis with different touristic places. We have rooms to tourists, and also we produce wine, vegetables, fruits and farm animals. Lodging is rooms with 2 beds each. Help wanted in and out of lodge, as in vinayard, winery, garden, kitchen, hostal. To arrive, there are public bus from San Pedro each day. We ´d be happy to receive you.

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