Rapa-Nui Ancestral


E.I.1  Rapa-Nui Ancestral.  Dayan D. Te Pito O Te Henua s/n, Easter Island

Organic  non certified

5 ha.

crops: fruits and vegetables

e-mail :       mobiles: 

all year               kids: yes

another  language we speak: English

Our farm is located  in center of  Easter Island,  it has fruit trees, vegetables, eucaliptus  and  stone  walls,  at  300 meters of  coast. We are a family  of chilean and Rapa Nui  with 3 child.  We have a rustic cabin available to 6 people,  and a camping  place with bathroom  and  hot water.  To arrive with us, first  agree   with us at  least one week before  by the email,  to pick up you in airport.  We hope help  in ground cleaninig,  cutting grass  and branches,  harvesting, and another jobs  of farm.  In farm there is not phone signal.

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